Question: Is it true that little is known about our Heavenly Mother because she is "protected"?

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Question: Is it true that little is known about our Heavenly Mother because she is "protected"?

This idea is simply speculation, and has no basis in scripture or Latter-day Saint doctrine

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe that God has a wife. This Heavenly Mother has been claimed to not receive much mention in Latter-day Saint theology. In trying to understand why Heavenly Mother is not mentioned frequently in Latter-day Saint discourse, Church members have circulated an idea that Heavenly Mother is not mentioned because the father wants to protect her from blasphemy and maligning.

Contrary to popular belief, there actually hasn't been a singular General Authority that has advanced the notion. Additionally, references to Heavenly Mother by General Authorities are actually multitudinous as has been demonstrated by David Paulsen and Martin Pulido. These teachings have "explored her roles as a fully divine being, a creator of worlds with the Father, a coframer of the plan of salvation, and a concerned and involved parent of her children on earth."[1] There have been no revelations that have told us why we don't know more about her. Church members who have arrived at this conclusion have evidently done so based on poor information. Church members should be more careful in how they theologize this.

If, as President Gordon B. Hinckley has stated, a prayer to Heavenly Mother cannot "add to or diminish her glory,"[2] then certainly blaspheming against her cannot harm her either. She is a goddess and thus much more powerful than any human being. She won't need protection from us.


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