Question: Which sources which mention Nephi as the angelic visitor who told Joseph Smith about the gold plates?/Later Moroni labels

Later reference to "Moroni":

  • 1848 Orson Pratt Divine Authority, No. 1 (1848), p.4 [1st in “Was Joseph Smith Sent of God?”, Millennial Star 10. 16 (August 15, 1848): 250]: Second--In what manner does Joseph Smith declare that a dispensation of the gospel was committed unto him? He testifies that an angel of God, whose name was Moroni, appeared unto him; that this angel was formerly an ancient prophet among a remnant of the tribe of Joseph on the continent of America. He testifies that Moroni revealed unto him where he deposited the sacred records of his nation some fourteen hundred years ago…. [251] Third. A revelation and restoration to the earth of the ‘everlasting gospel’ through the angel Moroni….’
  • 1853 Parley P. Pratt, April 6, 1853 Journal of Discourses 2. 44: Who communicated with our great modern Prophet, and revealed through him as a medium, the ancient history of a hemisphere, and the records of the ancient dead? Moroni
  • 1856 Heber C. Kimball, Bowery, SLC, afternoon September 28, 1856 Deseret News Weekly 6. 31 (October 8, 1856): 244a: “… the visitation of the angel of God to the Prophet Joseph, and with the reception of the sacred records from the hand of Moroni at the hill Cumorah…. The vision that Joseph and others had, when they went into a cave in the hill Cumorah, and saw more records than ten men could carry? There were books piled up upon tables, book upon book. Those records this people will yet have, if they accept of the Book of Mormon and observe its precepts, and keep the commandments”
  • Brigham Young, to BY Jr., in England, 24 April 1866: “There is really no discrepancy in the history about these names. It was Moroni who delivered the sacred records and Urim and Thummim to Joseph; but Nephi also visited him”, Jessee, Papers of Joseph Smith I. Autobiographical and Historical Writings (Salt Lake City, Utah: Deseret Book Company1989): 277, note 1 [This footnote also includes reference to Orson Pratt to John Christensen, 11 March 1876; and Pratt and Joseph F. Smith to John Taylor 18 December 1877; their note also indicates George A. Smith concurs with them]
  • Orson Pratt to John Christensen, 11 March 1876: “the discrepancy in the history… may have occurred through the ignorance or carelessness of the historian or transcriber. It is true, that the history reads as though the Prophet himself was writing; but… many events recorded were written by his scribes who undoubtedly trusted too much to their memories, and the items probably were not sufficiently scanned by Bro. Joseph before they got into print.” Jessee, PJS I. 277, n. 1