Moroni's visit/Nephi or Moroni/Later Nephi copies

Later copies of "Nephi" in place of "Moroni"

  • 1852 Millennial Star 14 (September 15, 1852): 489-90, states that a Supplement is being published, containing “all that portion of the History of Joseph Smith which has been published in the former Volumes of the STAR”. That Supplement contains the same wording as the previous volume had: “…his name was Nephi…. ” Supplement, page 4.
  • 1853 La Reflecteur 1/2 (February 1853). Edited by Elder Thomas H. B. Stenhouse; History of Joseph Smith “His name was Nephi” (19; First Vision came from Times and Seasons; probably this also)
  • 1853 John Jaques, “Salvation. A second Dialogue between Elder Brownson and Mr. Whitby,” Millennial Star 15/40 (October 1, 1853): But on the evening of the 21st of September, 1823, he again prayed to the Lord for a manifestation form Him. While thus engaged, a light appeared in the room, which increased till it became brighter than noonday, when immediately a personage appeared at the bedside, standing in the air…. The personage had on an exceedingly white robe. His person was very glorious, and his countenance like lightning. Around him shone a halo or light superior to that which filled the room. He said he was a messenger from God, and was named Nephi…. (page 650)
  • 1859 William Jefferies, “Deceivers and Deceived,” Millennial Star 21/45 (November 5, 1859): 709-710. “Thus we find that Joseph was visited by the Father and the Son, by the angel Nephi nine times, and by John the Baptist; and, by referring to the history and revelations of the great Prophet of the last days, we may learn that, at sundry times, from the year 1820 till his cruel martyrdom, in 1844, he held personal communion with holy angels, Jesus Christ, and the Great Eternal”
  • 1867 Review Article, “New American Religions,” London Quarterly Review 121 (April 1867): 236-256. [Books and articles reviewed {30 total} including many original LDS sources, including the non-canonical British version of the Pearl of Great Price, which contained the error]
….when on a night in September, 1823, as Joseph was praying for forgiveness, he beheld a second vision. A shining being, who announced his name as Nephi, told Joseph that God had a work for him to accomplish, and that his name would be blessed and accursed through all nations of the earth….

Once again, all of these examples trace back to the initial scribal error. It is interesting to note that most were in England, demonstrating that access to all materials was not easy in the early Church.

One other account refers to an angel, but it is not the same event that Joseph described as coming from Moroni:

  • 1888 Historical Record 7 (1888): 621 [JC Whitmer: interview with Andrew Jenson] “I have heard my grandmother (Mary M. Whitmer) say on several occasions that she was shown the plates of the Book of Mormon by an holy angel, whom she always called Brother Nephi.”