Question: Why do modern prophets not seem "like" the Bible's prophets?

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Question: Why do modern prophets not seem "like" the Bible's prophets?

Modern day prophets are like the Biblical prophets, both imperfect but with extraordinary callings

Prophets are also human beings. When we read the scriptures talking about angles preaching with a voice of thunder, we as humans tend to picture it in our minds. General Authorities are angles today, speaking to us in a voice of thunder, and the reason for that is simple. When the scriptures talk about preaching the gospel with the voice of thunder, it refers to preaching the gospel with the Holy Ghost, not necessarily to scream. Prophets always give a voice of warning to church members, and even to the world. The proclamation to the family is a good example.

Even in Biblical times, when prophets preached the Gospel, when they told the people to repent, it didn't have to mean that they screamed and threaten the people, but rather they gave a voice of invitation, and possibly it could also mean that they were begging the people to repent.

Prophets are bold and tell the truth that we need to hear. They even tell us that man can became Gods, but not in the way that the critics expect, but rather, they say the men can become like Heavenly Father.

What about miracles?

Miracles, don't always necessarily mean that the laws of physics are going to be broken. Latter Day Saints believe that modern day prophets perform miracles all the time, but in most cases, to realize that a miracle happened, the person must have faith first. Even in Biblical times, prophets may have performed miracles by natural means. Their are ideas out there, for example the idea that Moses may have performed miracles by natural means, like the plagues of Egypt may have been caused by a volcano (God setting things up).