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Books and periodicals (General)
Critical works
New style
Old style
Still works, but please use new style for new additions.
Specific periodicals speedy method
FARMS ReviewMormon Studies Review (from Vol 23 [2011] onward).
FARMS Insights
Journal of Book of Mormon Studies (JBMS)
BoM geo tables
GospeLink quick links
Scripture auto-links: how to
YouTube Videos

Note: This page links to the old style reference templates. All of these templates still work without changing any previous pages. They will automatically link to the "new" style templates through their old names, and all code still works.

These are here for reference, but you are strongly encouraged to use the new style references, which provide a much more standardized approach. Specific templates in the new style are detailed at the links above.

To learn how the old templates were changed to allow this, or to test a template with similar code, see here.

If you wish to see or use the old style templates, they are available in the following subpages:


Specific periodical articles