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  • ...elf-evident, that accumulating means of knowledge are constantly demanded. With no other than a benevolent desire of benefiting mankind, do we contemplate ...artments of the Literary, and Scientific world; embellished, occasionally, with the charms of Poetry. A small portion of this department will be assigned t
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  • ...ive credibility to the rest of his data and make his case come together....With the salamander letter and other Hofmann materials, Quinn had a respectable ...mission is an intentional effort to conceal or avoid presenting the reader with evidence that contradicts the preferred view of the writer, that is fraud,
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  • ...5-226 - The author intends Joseph to be seen as arrogant...“I combat the errors of ages; I meet the violence of mobs..." wives can be accomplished, ascertaining whether Smith fathered children with any of his plural wives remains hypothetical"
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  • ==Question: Did Joseph Smith have a youthful struggle with unchastity?== is no evidence from Joseph's early writings that he struggled over much with immoral thoughts or behavior===
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  • ...marriage to enrich himself. <ref>{{CriticalWork:Compton:Sacred Loneliness|pages=478-479}}; William Law, cited in “Dr. Wyl and Dr. Wm. Law,” ''Daily Tri G.D. Smith reports that William Law charged Joseph with
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  • ...t Sidney Rigdon "virtually challenged the whole state to do pitched battle with the 'Saints'" and as a result they were "subsequently persecuted and expell to claim: 204 - Martin Harris is claimed to said that he saw the plates with his "spiritual eyes" rather than his "naked eyes"]]
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  • ...- For Joseph and Emma, "Married life was not easy. In fact, it was riddled with doubts, rumors, and deception from the start" from place to place, that he crossed moral boundaries in his friendship with other women"
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  • referred to as a history of that society, it is really a religious text with historical events used to teach and explain religious principles. The Book ...the Book of Mormon published today generally result in a book of over 500 pages. The Book of Mormon has been translated from English into over 105 language
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  • claim: 131 - The author claims that "numerous apostates" were traveling with the Fancher Train by the time it reached Mountain Meadows claims that William Bateman, who had weeks earlier been "threatened with excommunication for apostasy," was given a chance to redeem himself by "car
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  • |L3=Response to claim: 165 - Brigham made an "oblique but unrecognized reference to the massacre at Mountain Meadows" to Van Vliet" ...nel Thomas Kane is portrayed as arrogant, effeminate, a hypochondriac, and with delusions of fame
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  • ...s remarkable, however, how many of the issues which some charge the Church with "suppressing" are discussed in Church publications. |L2=Question: What Church sources discuss Joseph Smith's involvement with seer stones, treasure seeking or "money digging"?
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  • the prophecies to convince us that such a book must come, and we should with one accord look for a book of a similar description. ...have been done away, they were distressed, and brought down, and afflicted with heaviness and sorrow.
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  • |L6=Response to claim: 109 - Smith did in fact have an affair with Fanny Alger |L14=Response to claim: 112-113 - Joseph Fielding Smith disagreed with the early proposals suggesting that Mesoamerica was the land of Book of Mor
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  • ...ipped multiple gods and performed human sacrifice, which is not consistent with the culture of the Book of Mormon people ...on [[#188|p. 188]]. This is our first hint that the author's familiarity with the necessary detail in the Book of Mormon is not adequate.
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  • |L18=Response to claim: 31 - Joseph claimed that he learned about the errors in Christendom through personal Bible study several years before the First |L38=Response to claim: 37, 344n95 - Joseph had a "Jupiter talisman" with him the day he died
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  • !width="50%"|Inserts this reference ...s=xxx}}</nowiki>||{{CriticalWork:Farkas Reed:Changes Contradictions Errors|pages=xxx}}||
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  • ...e requisitions of scripture, the duty of the saints, as such, and act with reference, to the object of the memorial or appeal, as their own better judgement sha ...e intended to pursue, as to say, that it is a subject intimately connected with religion, and it is admitted by almost all, if religion be what its votarie
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  • ...of all men: and righteousness and truth will I cause to sweep the earth as with a flood, to gather out mine own elect from the four quarters of the earth, ...thousand years, while satan is bound. The apostles preached this doctrine with great power, showing that Christ had actually risen from the tomb, in the f
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  • By a reference to the last number of the Star, it will be seen that the plan of salvation, ...the brow, as the Lord had commanded him; and Eve also, his wife, did labor with him, and he knew her, and she bare unto him sons and daughters, and they be
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  • #'''Scripture reference:''' {{s||Moroni|8|8}} #'''Scripture reference:''' P of GP Moses 3:14 and {{s||DC|116-117|}}; {{b||Genesis|2|8-15}}
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  • |>=[[../The Lost 116 Pages of the Book of Mormon|The Lost 116 Pages of the Book of Mormon]] ...n of The Holy Bible has some translation problems...the BOM has these same errors"
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  • those who have not read the Book of Mormon, and who are not conversant with the denominations that believe in that book. ...uce doctrines, ordinances and offices in the church, which are in conflict with Christ's teachings. They also changed the name of the church. Their departu
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  • |S=The author asks why italicized text and errors from the King James Bible are present in the Book of Mormon. He also briefl |L1=Response to claim: "What are 1769 King James Version edition errors doing in the Book of Mormon?"
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  • |L14=Response to claim: 31 - The author notes that in 1826 Joseph was charged with being a “disorderly person” and “glass looker” ...claim: 31 - “Did he use the Urim and Thummim, prepared by God and stored with the plates, to translate the record, or did he use the chocolate-colored st
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  • ...|pages=437}}; {{50Questions}}; {{CriticalWork:Watchman Fellowship:Articles|pages=1}}</ref> ...hout faults or infallible, rather they are treated as men of like passions with their fellow men."<ref>James R. Clark, quoting B. H. Roberts, ''Messages of
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  • ...that Brother Jonathan Dunham died of a fever.<ref>{{Book:Clayton:Journals|pages=xxx|date={{NC}}}}</ref> ...nores the claim about a private letter to Dunham: {{RSR1|start=548}}</ref> Errors, miscitation of sources, and typographical problems have further clouded th
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  • ...Holley rely on modern maps to create his comparison of actual place names with Book of Mormon names?}} ...Book of Mormon and comments, over the years by Latter-day Saint scholars, with a map showing actual place names on maps of the area around Palmyra, New Yo
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  • ===Many Mormons have taken this reference to be a literal count of the years from the birth of Jesus to the organizat ...and Covenants Commentary|pages=138}} {{Book:Clark:Our Lord of the Gospels|pages=vi–vii}}</ref>
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  • ...the original 1830 Book of Mormon was inspired then why were there so many errors and changes and additions and deletions" |L18=Response to claim: "How did Nephi with a few men on a new continent build a temple like Solomon's while Solomon ne
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