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  • |H=Is Nicene Trinitarianism Biblical? |>=[[../Origins of Nicene Trinitarianism|Origins of Nicene Trinitarianism]]
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  • ...riticism of Mormonism/Books/Do Christians Believe in Three Gods/Origins of Nicene Trinitarianism |H=What is the origin of Nicene Trinitarianism?
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  • '''The early Christian Church, on its way to apostasy, departed from this truth.''' Several church councils, in which men fought ...ification have-according to Vajda-proven the LDS teaching about the "Great Apostasy." Further, the above proves that either McKeever and Johnson are ignorant o
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  • ...brand of Christianity has no greater claim to "historic," "orthodox," pre-Nicene Christianity than Mormonism. Once the historical data that I will present i ...too many have not taken the time to do an in-depth investigation into the history and doctrines of their faith.<ref>McKeever and Johnson, Mormonism 101, 9-10
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  • ==Mormonism does not use the Nicene Creed, and invokes earlier Christian ideas that were overshadowed by Plato= ...come to life—a counterfactual history of post-Nicene developments of pre-Nicene theology, the ultimate “what if ” theological parlor game.
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