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  • ...d. They may be “leavetakers,” <ref>When this analysis uses the term “apostasy” or “apostate” in this paper, it intends the neutral, sociological se ...lishers, 1998), 76–83; David G. Bromley, “Sociological Perspectives on Apostasy: An Overview,” in the same volume, 7); Payne, “Purposeful Strangers,”
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  • ...e legacy of Augustine: especially of humanity's corruption due to original sin== ...nity puts it firmly on the side against Augustine’s doctrine of original sin. <ref name="webbBook">{{BYUS|author=Stephen H. Webb|article=[http://byustu
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  • ...unced its action to the world, solemnly placing the responsibility for the change upon the nation by whose laws the renunciation had been forced. This action ...e have the affidavit of Joseph C. Kingsbury, certifying that he copied the original manuscript of the revelation within three days after the date on which it w
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