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|| I will remark that brother Orson has clearly shown how the Bible has come into our hands, in order to convince the people of the necessity of positive proof for the validity of the Book of Mormon, the Book of Doctrine and Covenants, and that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God, and to prove that our testimony, witnesses, evidence and knowledge of these facts are ten thousand times more than can be produced in favor of the Bible, unless a man has the power of God to testify to it, for there can be no proof in its favor short of revelation.

This we have known all the time, we have understood it from the beginning. That made us very anxious, in the days of Joseph, to get the new translation [recall that Emma and the RLDS had the JST manuscripts at this point, so Brigham had no access to them]; but the Bible is good enough just as it is, it will answer it very well when I was preaching in the world....The Bible is good enough as it is, to point out the way we should walk, and to teach us how to come to the Lord of whom we can receive for ourselves. ||

Critics claim: The "Inspired Version" [i.e., Joseph Smith Translation] of the Bible has been a "source of much embarrassment" for leaders of the Church, and provide this citation as evidence.