Fonte:Brown:Ensinamentos de Brigham Young sobre Adão: Conferência de 2009 da FAIR:Brigham Young repetiu essas ideias e as apoiou pelos 25 anos seguintes



Matthew Brown (2009): "Brigham Young repetiu essas ideias e as apoiou pelos 25 anos seguintes"

Matthew Brown:

On the 9th of April 1852 President Brigham Young stepped up to the pulpit in the old tabernacle on Temple Square and informed a group of Elders, who had gathered there for General Conference, that he was going to straighten them out on an issue which they had been debating about. The topic of disagreement centered upon who was the Father of Jesus Christ in the flesh—Elohim or the Holy Ghost. President Young surprised the people who were in attendance by announcing that it was neither one of them....Brigham Young repeated these ideas and expounded upon them during the next 25 years. His viewpoints have been variously classified as doctrine, theory, paradox, heresy, speculation, and some of the mysteries.[1]—(Clique aqui para continuar)


  1. Matthew B. Brown, "Brigham Young’s Teachings on Adam," 2009 FAIR Conference (August 2009).