Mormonismo e Poligamia/A poligamia como praticado antigamente/Por que Adão e Noé não ordenou a praticar a poligamia


Se a poligamia foi ordenado por Deus para "levantar semente", então por que razão foram Adão e Noé não ordenou a praticar a poligamia?

If polygamy was commanded of God in order to "raise seed," then why were Adam and Noah not commanded to practice polygamy?

We do not suspect that many marriage choices were available to Adam (descendants from two individuals) and Noah (descendants from eight individuals).

With regard to their immediate children, we simply have no information to indicate whether or not they were commanded to practice plural marriage.

In any case, LDS doctrine in no way anticipates that plural marriage will be universal, or even common. It is, in fact, forbidden save when God specifically commands it.