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Reações iniciais para o Livro de Mórmon


Early reactions to the Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon was met by a storm of criticism from early critics. This page archives examples of these early responses.

Teorias de autoria para o Livro de Mórmon relacionadas com Joseph Smith

Teorias de autoria para o Livro de Mórmon relacionadas com Joseph Smith

Joseph como autor e titular

Resumo: Joseph Smith is listed as the "author and proprietor" in the 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon. Critics of the Church consider this evidence that Joseph wrote the book himself. However, in order to secure the copyright, Joseph had to apply as the "author and proprietor."

O caráter de Joseph Smith

Personalidade e temperamento de Joseph Smith

Busca do tesouro, dinheiro escavação e Joseph Smith, Jr.

Ocultismo e magia

Pedras de Vidência

Other early reaction to the Book of Mormon

"Adding to or taking away"

Resumo: Bible forbids "adding to or taking away" from God's word

New revelation not necessary

Resumo: It is claimed that new revelation is blasphemous or unnecessary

Clumsy or obvious forgery

Resumo: It is claimed that the Book of Mormon is a clumsy or obvious forgery

Grammar and spelling errors

Resumo: Complaints about grammar, spelling, or style.


Resumo: Claims that the existence of the Book of Mormon marks members of the Church as Christian heretics

KJV plagiarism?

Resumo: Plagiarized from the King James Bible

Sidney Rigdon

Resumo: Claims that Sidney Rigdon had major role in authorship

Lazy Smiths?

Resumo: Claims that the Smith family was lazy

Spalding theory

All "interested," so not to be trusted

All related, so not to be trusted

Character assaults

Spiritual or literal?

Resumo: Did not literally see plates/angel?

Marin Harris and spiritual eyes