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  • "How is it that the Book of Mormon prophet Jacob ends his account with the French word 'adieu'?", (accessed 14 June 2006). off-site
  • Jeff Lindsay, "Why does the Book of Jacob end with a French word?", (accessed 14 June 2006). off-site
  • Edward J. Brandt, "Why are the words adieu, bible, and baptize in the Book of Mormon? These words weren't known in Book of Mormon times," Ensign (October 1985), 17. off-site

Printed material

  • Daniel C. Peterson, "Is the Book of Mormon True? Notes on the Debate," in Book of Mormon Authorship Revisited: The Evidence for Ancient Origins, edited by Noel B. Reynolds, (Provo, Utah : Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, 1997), Chapter 6. ISBN 093489325X ISBN 0934893187 ISBN 0884944697. off-site GL direct link GL direct link