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Countercult ministries: Utah Lighthouse Ministry

Summary: This group was founded by Jerald and Sandra Tanner. (It was formerly known as Modern Microfilm Company, which was reorganized as a non-profit group with a new name on 1 January 1983.) See their link for more information. UTLM sued FAIR and members of FAIR; the courts eventually found in favor of FAIR.

Contradictions in LDS Scripture

Summary: Many conservative Protestant critics have reproduced a table originally produced by the Utah Lighthouse Ministry which purports to show how LDS scripture contradicts itself. FAIR examines the supposed contradictions, presents the scriptures cited in context, and demonstrates that claims of contradiction rest on: 1) a misinterpretation of LDS scripture and 2) comparing two verses which are speaking about different things reading Protestant meanings into scriptural terminology

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Sandra Tanner: Bible and Book of Mormon Contradictions

Summary: Sandra Tanner provides a feeble and long-answered short list of supposed "contradictions" between the Bible and the Book of Mormon

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