Criticism of Mormonism/Books/Nauvoo Polygamy/Assumptions and presumptions

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Nauvoo Polygamy: Assumptions and presumptions

A FAIR Analysis of: Criticism of Mormonism/Books/Nauvoo Polygamy, a work by author: George D. Smith

Nauvoo Polygamy: Assumptions and presumptions

Familiar anti-Mormon arguments

Joseph's guilt is always assumed

Joseph is simply assumed to be guilty of any offense.

  • He is even "haunted by the suspicion, which followed him from place to place, that he crossed moral boundaries in his friendship with other women." (p. 28)
  • In Illinois Joseph "was still hunted by law officials for old offenses." (p. 34)
  • The author assumes that Joseph "went about courting" various women, despite the total lack of evidence that any "courtships" occurred. (p. 54)