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Analysis of online documents critical of Mormonism

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This page addresses online documents that are critical of Mormonism. These documents may be hosted on multiple critical websites.

Response to claims made in "A Letter to an Apostle" by Paul A. Douglas

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Response to claims made in "For my Wife and Children" by Anonymous

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Response to claims made in "Letter to a CES Director" and "Debunking FAIR's Debunking" by Jeremy Runnells

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Response to claims made by "The Foundation for LDS Scholarship"

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Denver Snuffer

Summary: Denver Snuffer was excommunicated for apostasy on 11 September 2013 because of the claims made in his book Passing the Heavenly Gift. Following his excommunication, Snuffer has declared that the Church's First Presidency has lost their authority, and claimed that Jesus appeared to him to instruct him.

Richard Packham's media questions for Mitt Romney

Summary: Richard Packham believes that the media is not asking the proper questions about a U.S. Presidential Candidate. He has produced a list of questions he believes ought to be asked. Each contains subtle or not-so-subtle distortions about LDS belief or practice.

Mormons for Marriage [renamed Mormons for Equality]

Summary: Mormons for Marriage opposes the Church's opposition to same-sex marriage. The website frequently features attacks on leaders and members of the Church, and misrepresentation of Church doctrine.

Mormon Stories, Open Stories Foundation

Summary: Mormon Stories and related entities is directed by John Dehlin, a former member of the Church who rejects the Church's truth claims and is critical of LDS doctrines and leaders.

Response to "Questions and Answers" on Mormon Stories (revision 25 June 2014)

Summary: The referenced document had a brief lifetime on the Mormon Stories Podcast site ( of roughly two days starting 25 June 2014 before it was revised substantially on 27 June 2014. The following was only a portion of the larger document which listed specific issues with the Church. We provide responses only to the portion listing issues related to Church history or doctrine.

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