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A FairMormon Response to Questions Asked at 2010 Swedish Fireside (a.k.a. the "Swedish Rescue")

1: BoM translation2: Polygamy and Polyandry3: Polygamy forced?4: Book of Abraham5: "Lying for Lord"6: Mark Hofmann7: Blood atonement8: First Vision9: Sanitized history10: "Not all truth is useful"11: Angelic affidavits12: Blacks and priesthood13: Temple concerns14: Evidence of Vikings15: Adam-God16: Kinderhook

On November 28, 2010, a fireside was held in the Västerhaninge Chapel, Stockholm, Sweden with Marlin Jensen and Richard Turley. This fireside has been referred to by some online as the "Swedish Rescue." The fireside was held for the purpose of responding to questions that had been brought up by members in Sweden. A surreptitious audio recording was made and the recording as well as a transcript of the fireside have been circulating on the web and have appeared on a number of websites that are critical of the Church. The questions posed represent a number of common issues and concerns that FairMormon has responded to over the years. FairMormon would normally not circulate notes from a surreptitiously recorded meeting with a general authority, but since these comments are being circulated by critics of the Church, there is a need to respond.

FairMormon has therefore reviewed the audio recording, made corrections to the transcript, organized the questions and answers in a summary format, and has provided material that supplements the answers provided at the fireside by Elder Jensen and Brother Turley. A corrected transcript of the fireside may be viewed here.

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