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Lucy Walker

Was there a 24 hour ultimatum given to Lucy Walker to accept polygamy?

Summary: When Lucy Walker was asked to enter into plural marriage with Joseph by Joseph, she was at one point given one day to accept Joseph’s proposal. This happened after Joseph’s initial proposal which was four months before, the language of the account is usually distorted by critics, and even after the proposal, Joseph asked Lucy’s brother for permission to marry her. Here we examine the evidence.

The age of Joseph Smith's wives.

Summary: How old were Joseph Smith's plural wives?

Divine manifestations to plural wives, their families, and other members

Summary: Did those who entered into plural marriage do so simply because Joseph Smith (or another Church leader) "told them to"? Is this an example of "blind obedience"? No, they bore witness that only powerful revelatory experiences convinced them that the command was from God.

Availability for testimony in 1892 Temple Lot case

Summary: Nine plural wives were living in 1892. Whether they were called as witnesses seems to have depended upon whether they could testify to conjugality in the plural marriages.

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