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The First Presidency

(See - The First Presidency, Additional Info at Wikipedia - First Presidency (community of Christ))

The First Presidency provides primary leadership to the Community of Christ and is its highest-ranking priesthood quorum, consisting of the President of the church and two counselors. Together they preside over all aspects of the international church

Succession in the Church

The Council of Twelve Apostles

(See - The Council of Twelve Apostles)

Members of the Council of Twelve Apostles are high priests called and ordained to be special missionary witnesses. Assigned by the First Presidency, they carry major responsibility for church expansion, and serve as administrative supervisors of field jurisdictions.

The Presiding Bishopric

(See - Presiding Bishopric)

The Order of Evangelists

(See - The Presiding Evangelist)

The Presiding Evangelist serves as a spiritual companion, counselor and guide to the church and its leaders and to the Order of Evangelists in fulfilling the significant ministry they provide to the church, especially in a time of transformation and change.

Evangelists are ordained to be ministers of blessing, witnessing of Jesus Christ and responsive to the reconciling and redeeming influence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of persons, serving in multiple ministries according to the unique gifts and callings of each evangelist

The Quorum of High Priests

(See - High Priest Quorum)

High priests are called to be ministers of vision for the Community of Christ. As they help the church see the world in new ways, their task is to guide congregations and individuals in becoming disciples. Helping the church pursue ministries of peace and justice, high priests serve to build bridges of understanding between people and cultures. Concerned with the growth and development of other ministers they provide mentoring, support, and opportunities to encourage others to grow spiritually. High priests often hold leadership roles within the church.

The Presidents of Seventy

(See - Missionary Ministries)

The office of Seventy is a specialized priesthood office in the Community of Christ. The office and its function are modeled after the tenth chapter of Luke in the New Testament:

“After this the Lord appointed seventy others and sent them on ahead of him in pairs to every town and place where he himself intended to go.” --Luke 10:1 NRSV

The Seventy are specifically charged with carrying out missionary work for the church in close association with other missionary leaders. There are seven Presidents of Seventy, one for each quorum, or group of missionaries. Each quorum has a specific geographical emphasis.

The Standing High Council

Local leadership

Local congregations are led by a Pastor.

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