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Further reading

Further reading

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Accusations of dishonesty FairMormon articles on-line
  • Davis Bitton, "I Don't Have a Testimony of the History of the Church," (FAIR Conference, 2004) FairMormon link
  • Scott Gordon, "Dealing with Difficult Issues." FairMormon link
  • L. Ara Norwood, "Nehors in the Land: A Latter-day Variation of an Ancient Theme." FairMormon link
  • Daniel C. Peterson, "Easier Than Research, More Inflammatory Than Truth." FairMormon link
  • Juliann Reynolds, "Critics in Wonderland: Through the Liberal Looking Glass." FairMormon link
  • John A. Tvedtnes, "Scholarship in Mormonism and Mormonism in Scholarship." FairMormon link
  • Allen L. Wyatt, "Answering Shotgun Anti-Mormonism" FairMormon link

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Accusations of dishonesty on-line articles
  • Howard C. Searle, "Authorship of the History of Brigham Young: A Review Essay," Brigham Young University Studies 22 no. 3 (1982), 367.
  • Howard C. Searle, "Authorship of the History of Joseph Smith: A Review Essay," Brigham Young University Studies 21 no. 1 (1981), 101. PDF link off-site
  • Dean C. Jessee, "The Writing of Joseph Smith's History [1839–46]," Brigham Young University Studies 11 no. 4 (1972), 439. PDF link off-site
  • Dean C. Jessee, "I have heard that Joseph Smith didn't actually write his history—that it was prepared by clerks under his direction. If so, how reliable is it?," Ensign (July 1985), 15. off-site
  • Dean C. Jessee, "Priceless Words and Fallible Memories: Joseph Smith as Seen in the Effort to Preserve His Discourses," Brigham Young University Studies 31 no. 2 (1991), ?–??. off-site

Printed material

Accusations of dishonesty printed materials
  • Dallin H. Oaks, “Gospel Teachings About Lying,” BYU Fireside Address, 12 September 1993, typescript, no page numbers; also printed in Clark Memorandum [of the J. Reuben Clark School of Law, Brigham Young University] (Spring 1994).