Mormonism and the Bible/Inerrancy/CriticalSources

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Source(s) of the criticism

  • Contender Ministries, Questions All Mormons Should Ask Themselves. Answers
  • Norman L. Geisler, The Counterfeit Gospel of Mormonism (Eugene, Ore.: Harvest House, 1998), 9–49, "Scripture".
  • Tower to Truth Ministries, "50 Questions to Ask Mormons," (accessed 15 November 2007). 50 Answers
  • Watchman Fellowship, The Watchman Expositor (Page 1)

All scripture is "god-breathed"

  • Samuel Haining, Mormonism Weighed in the Balances of the Sanctuary, and Found Wanting: The Substance of Four Lectures (Douglas: Robert Fargher, 1840), 7-8. off-site