Mormonism and the environment/Quotes from Church leaders

Quotes from Church leaders

Summary: Church leaders have taught about environmental stewardship.

President Russell M. Nelson

As beneficiaries of the divine Creation, what shall we do? We should care for the earth, be wise stewards over it, and preserve it for future generations.[1]

The Lord has entrusted us to care for the earth. He said: “It is expedient that I, the Lord, should make every man accountable, as a steward over earthly blessings, which I have made and prepared for my creatures. I, the Lord, stretched out the heavens, and built the earth, my very handiwork; and all things therein are mine. And it is my purpose to provide for my saints, for all things are mine” (D&C 104:13–15; see also Rev. 7:3).[2]

Elder Marcus B. Nash

All humankind are stewards over this earth and its bounty—not owners—and will be accountable to God for what we do with regard to His creation. . . . As stewards over the earth and all life thereon, we are to gratefully make use of that which the Lord has provided, avoid wasting life and resources, and use the bounty of the earth to care for the poor.[3]


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