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Mark D. Thomas, "Moroni: The Final Voice" (Maxwell Institute)

Moroni 1

Moroni 2

  • Moroni2-6
    • John W. Welch, "From Presence to Practice: Jesus, the Sacrament Prayers, the Priesthood, and Church Discipline in 3 Nephi 18 and Moroni 2–6" (Maxwell Institute)
  • Moroni 2-7

Moroni 3

Moroni 4

Moroni 5

Moroni 6

Moroni 7

  • Moroni 7-10
    • Sidney B. Sperry, "Literary Problems in the Book of Mormon involving 1 Corinthians 12, 13, and Other New Testament Books" (Maxwell Institute)

Moroni 8

  • Moroni8-9
    • Alan C. Miner, "A Chronological Setting for the Epistles of Mormon to Moroni" (Maxwell Institute)
  • Moroni 8:8
    • Matthew Roper, “The Baptism of Little Children in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica” (Maxwell Institute) (No URL for article; open PDF)
  • Moroni 8:25-26

Moroni 9

  • Moroni 9:2
    • John Gee, John A. Tvedtnes, and Matthew Roper, "Book of Mormon Names Attested in Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions" (Maxwell Institute)

Moroni 10

  • Moroni 10:3-5
    • Gene R. Cook, “Moroni’s Promise” (Ensign)
    • Daniel H. Ludlow, "A friend of mine says he has prayed about the Book of Mormon but has not received a testimony of its truthfulness. Shouldn’t Moroni’s promise always work?" (Ensign)
    • M. Steven Andersen, "My Great-Grandmother and the Book of Mormon" (Religious Educator)
    • George Cobabe, "How to receive answers to your prayers" (Video)
  • Moroni 10:4