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One Nation Under Gods: Source Analysis, Sorted by Page Number

A FAIR Analysis of: One Nation Under Gods, a work by author: Richard Abanes

All page numbers are currently from the paperback edition of One Nation under Gods (New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, 2002), except where noted.

Dallin H. Oaks on God

Summary: One critic of Mormonism claims that Dallin Oaks told Mormons in 1995 "that so-called Christianity sees God as an entirely different kind of being."

Historical Suppression in the Church

Summary: xv (HB): Boyd K. Packer, BYU Studies 21:264-265

Calling All Mormon Scholars

Summary: xv (HB): Allen Roberts, Private Eye Weekly

An Example of Biased Histories

Summary: xvi (HB): John E. Hallwas and Roger D. Launius, Cultures in Conflict

The Mormon Quest for Power

Summary: xviii (HB): Fred Esplin, Utah Holiday

Perception and Reality

Summary: xx (HB): Fred Esplin, Utah Holiday

Christ Setting up a Theocracy in Missouri

Summary: xx (HB): Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 11:249

Destroying Governments and Religions

Summary: xxi (HB): Joseph Smith, Jr., History of the Church

Morally, ethically, spiritually superior?

Summary: xxiv (HB): Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses

"This is My Beloved Son"

Summary: 16: Richard Abanes

Lucy and the angel

Summary: 27: Lucy Mack Smith, "Preliminary Manuscript" of Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith the Prophet, and His Progenitors for many Generations

Seeing the Plates

Summary: 53, Richard Abanes

Reformed Egyptian

Summary: 55, John A. Wilson, Letter to Martin Cowan

Tall Tales

Summary: 64, Lucy Mack Smith, Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith the Prophet, and His Progenitors for many Generations

Prophetic Autobiography

Summary: 72, Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents

No Book of Mormon archaeology

Summary: 75, Dee F. Green, "Book of Mormon Archeology: the Myths and the Alternatives," Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought

Christianity is satanic

Summary: 86, Brigham Young, John Taylor, Journal of Discourses

Divining rods to Kimball and Young

Summary: 89

Those Power-Hungry Mormons

Summary: 95: Albert Chandler, Early Mormon Documents

Distorted account of three degrees of glory

Summary: 103n2

Haranguing non-Mormons

Summary: 105

Missouri belongs to the Mormons

Summary: 110

Disobey secular law

Summary: 116

Redeemed by September 1836

Summary: 122: Joseph Smith, History of the Church

Joseph gave couples marriage certificates

Summary: 129

Joseph owned 144 acres in Kirtland

Summary: 135

Warren Parrish and Kirtland Safety Society "revelation"

Summary: 136

Joseph Smith's Narcissism

Summary: 171: Joseph Smith, Jr., History of the Church

Brigham Young said that Joseph on par with Jesus Christ?

Summary: 174: Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses

Thou Shalt Not Raise a False Report

Summary: 175: Levi Edgar Young, Letter to Sandra Tanner

Joseph's "Grandiose Sense of Self Importance"

Summary: 177, Joseph Smith, Jr., History of the Church

The Wrestling Prophet

Summary: 178: Joseph Smith, Jr., History of the Church

America's Fighting Prophet

Summary: 179: Joseph Smith, Jr., History of the Church

Joseph hit a baptist preacher

Summary: 179

D and C 98 justifies murder

Summary: 191

Rockwell admitting to shooting Boggs

Summary: 192

Debauchery and despotism at Nauvoo

Summary: 196: History of the Church

Nauvoo police violence

Summary: 212

Killing Lambert Symes

Summary: 213

Irvine Hodge murder

Summary: 213

Other homicides by members of the Council of Fifty

Summary: 213

Flogging those out of fellowship

Summary: 213-214

Whistling and Whittling Brigades

Summary: 214

Counterfeiting apostles and Joseph

Summary: 216-217

Brigham, the Dictator

Summary: 220: Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 14:205

Gentiles have no right to property

Summary: 221-222

Brigham and the Kingdom of God

Summary: 222: Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 2:310

Ruling Over the Earth

Summary: 222: Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 2:317

Ettie V. Smith

Summary: 223

Brigham as President of the United States

Summary: 223

Church and state all one now

Summary: 223

Heber C. Kimball--violence and intimidation

Summary: 223

Early federal territorial officials

Summary: 227-228

Cutting off from the earth

Summary: 233

Murder unfaithful Mormons to save souls

Summary: 234-235

Apostles killed Judas

Summary: 235

Brigham and bowie knife

Summary: 236 (PB only)

Brigham Says to "Cut Their Throats"

Summary: 236-237: Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 2:311

Orders to Starve Gentiles

Summary: 245: Brigham Young, Personal letter (1857)

Brigham Young ordered Mountain Meadows Massacre

Summary: 245

Brigham Young orders MMM monument demolished

Summary: 251

Blood atone Washington politicians

Summary: 260

Saints sole rulers over every government

Summary: 266

Attitude of Saints to Civil War prophecy

Summary: 270

Hyde on US to be divided

Summary: 270

Beating John W. Dawson

Summary: 271

Too much education damaging

Summary: 271

Conception of Christ

Summary: 287

LDS "Birth Machines"

Summary: 289: Eugene England, Dialogue (Winter 1987)

Wife swapping

Summary: 295

Damned without plural marriage

Summary: 301

John Taylor September 1886 revelation

Summary: 316

Polygamy absolutely essential to godhood

Summary: 317

Wilford Woodruff demolished Endowment House?

Summary: 320

Above the law

Summary: 325

Approved marriages 1890-1899

Summary: 331

Vengeance hymns

Summary: 334

Joseph F. Smith finally admits

Summary: 339

Double standard on race

Summary: 355-372

Mormon Doctrine and race issues

Summary: 358-360

Special relationship with Christ

Summary: 379-380

Natural before spiritual

Summary: 380

Orson Pratt condemns the Bible

Summary: 383-384

Gordon B. Hinckley Understands Doctrine

Summary: 389: Gordon B. Hinckley, General Conference (1997)

Forged Rocky Mountain prophecy

Summary: 406

Stephen A. Douglas prophecy

Summary: 406

Most accurate history in all the world

Summary: 407

Advertising for the Tanners

Summary: 408: Hugh Nibley, Personal letter (1966)

The LDS as Mindless Followers

Summary: 414: Ezra Taft Benson, Conference Report (October 1987)

President Hinckley and enemies of the Church

Summary: 418

Church leaders will always know deception

Summary: 424

Poisoning myth

Summary: 443 (PB)

Brigham Young on thieves

Summary: 443 (PB)

Boyd K. Packer on the truth

Summary: 441 (PB)

The Anti-Mormon Articles of Faith

Summary: 475: Joseph Smith, Jr., The Articles of Faith