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Source(s) of the criticism

Criticize LDS belief that little chldren are saved without baptism

  • [Letter on Mormonism, 29 July 1841,] Christian Advocate and Journal (New York) 15, no. 52 (11 August 1841). off-site
    "The doctrine of human depravity is denied; and in their Magazine, total depravity is denounced. Children are said not to need baptism, because they have no sin, and are alive in Christ...."
  • Samuel Haining, Mormonism Weighed in the Balances of the Sanctuary, and Found Wanting: The Substance of Four Lectures (Douglas: Robert Fargher, 1840), 30, 46-47. off-site
    "This is so unlike any-thing contained in the Book of God, that no comment is required, and is a decisive proof that the claims to inspiration are presumptuous."

Criticize LDS belief that the fall of Adam was part of God's plan

  • H. Stevenson, A Lecture on Mormonism (Newcastle: J. Blackwell and Co., 1839), 3-32. off-site

Past LDS response(s) or rebuttals