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The most important history in the world is the history of our Church, and it is the most accurate history in all the world. It must be so. It is the most important to us because that history contains the hand dealings of God direct to us through revelation as it has come in the Doctrine and Covenants, in the Book of Mormon, and in any revelation that comes to us through the servants of the Lord for our guidance....

Therefore we should make these records accurate; we should be sure of the steps we take....

There will be other records, of course, because if we happen to make mistakes, there will be the record in heaven which is a perfect record. In our history, if there are mistakes, we can say as did Moroni in the Book of Mormon, "They are the mistakes of men."

Mormon leaders claim that "Joseph Smith's" 'History of the Church' is the "most accurate history in all the world."


  • Note that it is "most accurate" not because it is without human error or imperfection, but because it contains so many of the revelations of God to his people.