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Mormon Studies Review — Editor's templates

(Formerly FARMS' publication: Review of Books on the Book of Mormon, the FARMS Review of Books, and the FARMS Review.)

FARMS Review of Books — Administrative templates


These templates are used to build the others; again, they save work and allow changes to be easily made to all formats by changing only a few entries in a centralized place. Regular editing of wiki articles should not require them; they will only need to be altered if we radically change how we want articles cited. But, it will be easy instead of a royal pain.

MSR-X-Y-Z is format MSR=Mormon Studies Review; X=Volume; Y=number; Z=article # in given volume

Template:FR-22-1 Template:FR-22-2 Template:MSR-23-1 Template:MSR-23-2 Template:MSR-24-1 Template:MSR-24-2
Template:MSR-25-1 Template:MSR-25-2 Template:MSR-26-1 Template:MSR-26-2 Template:MSR-27-1 Template:MSR-27-2
Template:MSR-28-1 Template:MSR-28-2 Template:MSR-29-1 Template:MSR-29-2 Template:MSR-30-1 Template:MSR-30-2
Template:MSR-31-1 Template:MSR-31-2 Template:MSR-32-1 Template:MSR-32-2 Template:MSR-33-1 Template:MSR-33-2