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  • The authors provide the following quote from Heber C. Kimball as one of "a few examples which show the confusion concerning the First Vision which existed after Joseph Smith's death"

"Do you suppose that God in person called upon Joseph Smith, our Prophet? God called upon him; But God did not come himself and call..."

  • The authors continue by stating that "Heber C. Kimball went on to explain that rather than God coming Himself, He sent messengers to Joseph Smith. He went on to state:

Why did he not come along? Because he has agents to attend to his business, and he sits upon his throne and is established at head-quarters and tells this man, 'Go and do this,' and it is behind the vail just as it is here. You have got to learn that." (Heber C. Kimball, Journal of Discourses 6:29.).