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Learn more about folklore and urban legends associated with the Church
Wiki links
  • LDS Hoaxes, Myths, and "Faith Promoting Rumors" at SHIELDS.off-site
  • Kevin Barney, "A Footnote to 'The Strength of the Mormon Position'," bycommonconsent blog (16 January 2008).
  • James P. Harris, ""A Place For Every Truth:" The Einstein Rumor," Sunstone no. (Issue #149) (April 2008), 33. off-site
  • "Mormon Rumors—Talmadge [sic] and Einstein," blog post by profxm (17 June 2008) off-site
  • "Cain and Bigfoot," BH Roberts Foundation print-link.
  • "CIA and the church," BH Roberts Foundation print-link. Video version: "Is the LDS Church in cahoots with the CIA?,"  (2 February 2024). video-link.
  • "Star Wars and Spencer W Kimball," BH Roberts Foundation print-link. Video version: "Is Yoda based on Spencer W. Kimball?,"  (1 December 2023). video-link.
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