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2002 FAIR Conference

Russell Y. Anderson - "The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith"

Anti-Mormons often portray Joseph Smith in the most damaging way possible. Every effort is used to try to impugn his character, damage his reputation and show him to be a fraud and a charlatan. But in 1826 a warrant really was issued for the arrest and trial of Joseph Smith for being a disorderly person and an imposter. The anti-Mormons have pounced on this as evidence of his chicanery. What are the facts surrounding this trial? Was he guilty of being a fraud? Have the anti-Mormons really found the issue that proves Joseph Smith was a false prophet? Russell Anderson explores these issues and gives the background and evidence the anti-Mormons use against Joseph Smith along with the rest of the story.

The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith, Russell Anderson, 2002 FAIR Conference

Michael R. Ash - "The Impact of Mormon Critics on LDS Scholarship"

Brother Ash believes we should be thankful for anti-Mormons. In his presentation he explores the many things that LDS scholars have researched and learned from studying the issues raised by LDS critics. Instead of fighting against the critics, maybe we should be thanking them.

The Impact of Mormon Critics on LDS Scholarship, Michael R. Ash, 2002 FAIR Conference

Roger Cook - "Christ, The Firstfruits of Theosis: Early Christian Theosis"

For years the Church has been criticized for not conforming to mainstream Christian views. We are told we are not Christian as we do not hold the Classical doctrines of the Trinity, the ontological otherness of God, and a philosophic monotheism which makes God the necessary and only possible ground of existence. Perhaps the most vocal criticism has been aimed at the belief that the faithful are to be exalted and become as God as part of the process of salvation. Indeed, a belief that one can become like God denies each of these mainstream Christian beliefs as the ontological differences between God and man essentially disappear. This presentation will stress the theosis found in Early Judeao/Christian thought, with New Testament Christianity believing that Christ was the firstfruits of theosis just as he was the firstfruits of the resurrection.

Christ, The Firstfruits of Theosis: Early Christian Theosis, Roger Cook, 2002 FAIR Conference

Brant Gardner - "The Gadianton Robbers in Mormon's Theological History: Their Structural Role and Plausible Identification"

Brant Gardner is always a conference favorite, exploring the various internal evidences of the Book of Mormon dealing with Mesoamerica. Brant has a way of relating the book of Mormon to what scholars know about Mesoamerica and making the book come alive for us. Brant is familiar with the various anti-Mormon arguments about the book of Mormon and is very effective in dealing with those issues. This year he will be discussing the issues related to the Gadianton Band in the Book of Mormon.

The Gadianton Robbers in Mormon's Theological History: Their Structural Role and Plausible Identification, Brant Gardner, 2002 FAIR Conference

Tim Heaton - "Dealing with Demographics: LDS Family Statistics"

Many times anti-Mormons or even local newspapers print some new and surprising things about the LDS Church members that cast us in a negative light. Dr. Heaton, a sociologist and demographer, will be discussing what the facts really are. What demographic data should we pay attention to and what should we ignore? What are the current demographic facts about the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? This talk will help you judge the fruits of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the misrepresentations of those who oppose it.

Dealing with Demographics: LDS Family Statistics, Tim Heaton, 2002 FAIR Conference

Renee Olson - "Dispelling the Black Myth"

Renee Olson used to be a practicing anti-Mormon who focused her attacks on the area of the relationship of blacks and the LDS Church. She is now an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and brings a unique perspective to this issue. In her presentation she will not only discuss the anti-Mormon arguments, but also many of the myths that members of the Church currently hold on to. You will learn many of the myths and truths surrounding this important issue. You certainly won't want to miss this important topic.

Dispelling the Black Myth, Renee Olsons, 2002 FAIR Conference

Royal Skousen - "The Critical Text Project and Changes in the Book of Mormon"

No one knows more about the Book of Mormon manuscripts than Dr. Royal Skousen. He has carefully studied the original and printers manuscripts as well as a number of printed editions of the Book of Mormon and has found some surprising things. His presentation will discuss the various changes in the book of Mormon, what they really are, and what they really mean. Are there really 4,000 changes in the Book of Mormon? Is that an issue we need to be concerned about? Dr. Skousen can take you to a whole new level of understanding of the Book of Mormon and its manuscripts.

The Critical Text Project and Changes in the Book of Mormon, Royal Skousen, 2002 FAIR Conference

John Tvedtnes - "Mistakes of Men: Can the Scriptures be Error Free?"

John Tvedtnes has done extensive research on various ancient texts and feels they bring new understanding to the things Joseph Smith taught. Brother Tvedtnes feels that since Joseph Smith claimed to have restored the gospel, that his teaching should be looked at in light of those ancient texts. As you listen to Brother TvedtnesÆs presentation, you will be amazed by the things you will hear. How did Joseph Smith know about those ancient teachings? What do you know about them? What does this mean for the Church of Jesus Christ?

Mistakes of Men: Can the Scriptures be Error Free?", John Tvedtnes, 2002 FAIR Conference

Daniel C. Peterson - "The Protean Joseph Smith"

Dr. Peterson is always a conference favorite. He brings insight and clarity into the issues surrounding anti-Mormonism. As Chairman of the Board of Trustees for FARMs he has been referred to as the "Chief apologist for the LDS Church." Dr. Peterson always brings his wit and wisdom to the conferences and keeps the audience spellbound as he explores various issues and ideas surrounding anti-Mormonism and the LDS Church. Some people travel to the FAIR Conference from thousands of miles away just to hear Dr. Peterson speak. One conference attendee explained "He brings everything into focus."

The Protean Joseph Smith, Daniel C. Peterson, 2002 FAIR Conference

Kathryn Daynes - Polygamy"

Kathryn Daynes, author of More Wives than One, is an accredited genealogist who tackles the taboo subject of plural marriage. What was it all about? Who practiced it and who didn't? What were the social elements shaping these marriages? Were there difference between early and later Utah plural marriage?

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