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Revelation regarding the sale of the Book of Mormon copyright

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The following text is taken from REVELATION BOOK 1 and was recorded circa early 1830. The original inscription was made by John Whitmer. The original may be seen here.


A Revelation given to Joseph Oliver [Cowdery] Hyram [Hiram Page] Josiah [Stowell]

& Joseph Knight given at Manchester Ontario C[ounty] New York

Behold I the Lord am God I Created the Heavens & the Earth

& all things that in them is wherefore they are mine & I sway

my scepter over all the Earth & ye are in my hands to will &

to do that I can deliver you o{\ut} of evry difficulty & affliction

according to your faith & dilligence & uprightness Before me

& I have cov{◊\enanted} with my Servent Joseph that earth nor Hell

combined againsts him shall not take the Blessing out of

his hands which I have prepared for him if he walketh

uprightly before me neither the spiritual nor the temporal

Blessing & Behold I also covenanted with those who have assisted

him in my work that I will do unto them even the same

Because they have done that which is pleasing in my sight

(yea even all save ◊◊tin only it be one o{l\nly}) Wherefore be

dilligent in Securing the Copy right of my Servent work

upon all the face of the Earth of which is known by you

unto unto my Servent Joseph & unto him whom he willeth

accordinng as I shall command him that the faithful & the

righteous may retain the temperal Blessing as well as the

Spirit[u]al & also that my work be not destroyed by the workers

of iniquity to the{r\ir} own distruction & damnation when they

are fully ripe & now Behold I say unto you that I have coven=

=anted & it Pleaseth me that Oliver Cowderey Joseph Knight Hyram

Pagee & Josiah Stowel shall do my work in this thing yea

even in securing the Copyright & they shall do it with an eye single

to my Glory that it may be the means of bringing souls

unto me Salvation through mine only Be{t\gotten} Behold I am

God I have spoken it & it is expedient in me Wherefor I say

unto you that ye shall go to Kingston seeking me continually

through mine only Be{t\gotten} & if ye do this ye shall have my

spirit to go with you & ye shall have an addition of all things

which is expedient in me. amen & I grant unto my servent a privelige

that he may sell a copyright through you speaking after the manner of

men for the four Provinces if the People harden not their hearts

against the enticeings of my spirit & my word for Behold it

lieth in themselves to their condemnation &{\or} th{er\eir} salvation

Behold my way is before you & the means I will prepare

& the Blessing I hold in mine own hand & if ye are faithful

I will pour out upon you even as much as ye are able to

Bear & thus it shall be Behold I am the father & it is through

mine o{\nly} begotten which is Jesus Christ your Redeemer amen