Evangelical witnessing to Mormons

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Evangelical witnessing to Mormons

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Response to "Dr. Craig Blomberg's 'Top Ten Things Jesus Would Say to Mormons'"

Summary: Dr. Craig Blomberg, a noted Evangelical scholar, gave a speech in which he discussed ten things which he claims Jesus would tell Latter-day Saints. These points have been summarized here. Unlike many critics of the Church of Jesus Christ, Dr. Blomberg is known for his more balanced views and sincere desire for Christian engagement, as evidenced in a book which he coauthored with Stephen Robinson, How Wide the Divide. However, FAIR will not presume to put words in Jesus' mouth save those recorded in scripture. Dr. Blomberg's comments are worthy of response, since they demonstrate how even a sincere and relatively well-informed critic can misunderstand and even misrepresent issues important to the Latter-day Saints.