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FAIR is dedicated to providing clear, easy-to-understand explanations and defenses of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, its leaders, and doctrines. In this effort, FAIR strives to use the best available scholarship from LDS and non-LDS sources.

No scholar or group of scholars is perfect. Like them, members of FAIR, or those who serve as experts or consultants may make errors or misstatements.

Scholarly and scientific information advances and changes frequently. For electronic resources (such as the FAIR Answers Wiki) updates and improvements to reflect these changes are a simple matter. For books published in hard copy, and other media (e.g., videos), a correction is harder to make.

This page contains links to updates, errata, and corrections to previous and current FAIR publications. They represent our commitment to accuracy and fairness, and will be updated when FAIR members or the author(s) themselves believe that a clarification or change is required.

In addition, once errata become available for a FAIR publication, any future shipments of that publication will include information directing users to this page.

FAIR DVD: DNA and the Book of Mormon

DNA and the Book of Mormon can be found in the FAIR Bookstore, in Deseret Book stores, and for free download via YouTube.

John Tvedtnes was kind enough to revisit our interview with him, and made the following clarification. His remarks should be considered with these caveats in mind:

I acknowledge that there are two parts of my interview that are problematic. The first is that, at the beginning, I said that haplogroup X is found in Mesoamerica, which is incorrect. Later on the DVD, I note that it is found in the eastern USA (and Canada, BTW), but "Mesoamerica" was incorrect. Also, the way I worded things made it sound like this was evidence for the Book of Mormon. It is, of course, not direct evidence, though it is true that the "brand" (as I put it) of X found in the New World is closer to that found in Europe and in the Middle East, where X is thought to have originated. Still, as I indicated in my later comments on the DVD, the likelihood is that the X of eastern North America came from Europe.
I also made an inadvertent mistake in assuming that the haplogroup labeled "N" for remains of Great Basin Natives was also found in Europe. As it turns out, the Great Basin studies used "N" to denote samples of mitochondrial DNA that did not fall into the ABCD haplogroups and was intended to mean "none." The real importance of these and X in general is that more haplogroups have been discovered since the original ABC (which expanded to ABCD, then added X, with others unclassified and usually labeled "other"). This suggests that one cannot close the door on more such discoveries, as some of the critics suggest.

Mike Ash Book: Shaken Faith Syndrome

Shaken Faith Syndrome can be found in the FAIR Bookstore and in Deseret Book stores.

No errata at this point.