John Foxe

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"John Foxe," pseudonymn for "an evangelical Christian professor of history at Bob Jones University."[1]

Foxe used techniques forbidden by wikipedia to strengthen his ability to edit LDS articles in a provocative and anti-Mormon fashion, for which he was banned for a time:

This was a classic case of “good cop/bad cop” sock puppetry, with the two accounts representing different personalities. Hi540 continued to express disgust for LDS-related subjects and support his alter-ego Foxe until the Hi540 account abruptly ceased editing LDS articles in late October 2009 after being reminded that he “ought not to pretend to act like a chicken thief . . . every time you converse with a believer.”66 The account remained active on other, noncontroversial articles and behaved in a respectable manner until Foxe’s sock puppetry was confirmed by Wikipedia administrators in August 2011, almost two years later.[2]

See further discussion in: Michael DeGroote, “Wiki Wars: In battle to define beliefs, Mormons and foes wage battle on Wikipedia,” Deseret News, 30 January 2011 off-site.


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