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"Discounting" or "disdaining" Joseph Smith

A FAIR Analysis of: DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography (DVD); Introduction to Book of Mormon Evidences (Seminar), a work by author: The FIRM Foundation

LDS Scholars "discounting and disdaining" Joseph Smith?

Both the DVD and presentation "Introduction to Book of Mormon Evidences" show unattributed statements from LDS scholars and indicate that these scholars are "discounting and disdaining" Joseph Smith. The presenter claims that the reason that a "two-Cumorah theory" had to be developed was because the authors "wanted to believe in Central America" as the location for the Book of Mormon.

This is an absurd claim. Despite the omission of the writers' names and the DVD narrator's claim that this is "not about the individuals," the quotes from LDS scholars are easily identifiable. These quotes are still presented as "name withheld" in the introductory seminar. The seminar presentation and DVD therefore accuse Kenneth W. Godfrey, Matthew Roper, Jeff Lindsay and John Sorenson, all of whom are strong defenders of the faith, of "discounting or disdaining" Joseph Smith.

  • Quotes shown say "name withheld."
  • The quotes by LDS scholars are from Matthew Roper, Kenneth W. Godfrey, and John Sorenson.
  • The DVD shows a quote by Gordon B. Hinckley, "Joseph Smith Jr.—Prophet of God, Mighty Servant," Ensign (December 2005).

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