Best Evidences

Evidences Supporting the Restoration of the Gospel

There are hundreds of positive evidences of the truthfulness of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here are some of our favorites!

Faking the Book of Mormon
How could an uneducated Joseph Smith have made up such an intricate marvel as the Book of Mormon?

Examples of Metal Plates
Joseph Smith was mocked for the idea of metal plates. Now we know of many examples across the world.

Book of Abraham
Joseph Smith "accidentally" got several historical details right compared to non-Biblical sources.

Speed of Translating the Book of Mormon
How could Joseph Smith have written the Book of Mormon in 2 months?

An ancient, elegant, complex literary device, unknown in Joseph's day, but found all over the Book of Mormon.

Early Church
Joseph Smith introduced many doctrines which Early Christianity and/or Judaism believed

An ancient Egyptian "catch phrase" found across the Book of Mormon, evidence of its ancient origin.

Ancient Naming
Dozens of names in the Book of Mormon have ancient Hebrew or Egyptian origins.

Wordprint Studies
Scientific evidence the Book of Mormon books were written by unique authors

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