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Martin Harris's visit to Charles Anton

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Charles Anthon's story changed—Martin Harris' did not

Anthon's side of the story breaks down in other ways, as has long been pointed out. For example, on whether he gave Harris a written statement: Anthon's 1834 letter to Eber D. Howe says that he did not, while his 1841 letter to T. W. Coit says that he did. On how convincing he had been, Anthon's 1834 letter simply says that Harris "took his leave," but his 1841 letter claims that Harris left with the "express declaration" that he would not mortgage his farm or have anything to do with printing the golden book.5 In fact, in light of Harris's subsequent conduct (which was totally supportive of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon), Harris clearly left Anthon fully satisfied.[1]


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