Epigraph:Oliver Cowdery character:William Lang, ''History of Seneca County'' (Springfield, Ohio, 1880), 365

Oliver Cowdery's character, quote from William Lang, History of Seneca County (Springfield, Ohio, 1880), 365

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Mr. Cowdery was an able lawyer and a great advocate. His manners were easy and gentlemanly; he was polite, dignified, yet courteous...With all his kind and friendly disposition, there was a certain degree of sadness that seemed to pervade his whole being. His association with others was marked by the great amount of information his conversation conveyed and the beauty of his musical voice. His addresses to the court and jury were characterized by a high order of oratory, with brilliant and forensic force. He was modest and reserved, never spoke ill of any one, never complained.

—William Lang, History of Seneca County (Springfield, Ohio, 1880), 365.
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