Mormonismo e História/Precisão da história da Igreja


Precisão da história da Igreja


Ensaios em Tópicos do Evangelho

Resumo: The Church has posted a series of Gospel Topics essays on which discuss a variety of issues related to Church History and belief.

Elder Oaks on Church History

Resumo: Elder Dallin Oaks discusses the issue of church history and facts that are not discussed frequently in church approved curriculum during an interview with Helen Whitney (HW) for the PBS documentary, The Mormons.[1]

Representações Artísticas da Tradução do Livro de Mórmon

Resumo: It is claimed that the Church knowingly "lies" or distorts the historical record in its artwork in order to whitewash the past, or for propaganda purposes. A commonly used example is the inaccuracy of any Church art representing the translation process of the Book of Mormon.

The Seer (periodical by Orson Pratt)

Resumo: Some critics of the Church quote from a newspaper called The Seer. Was this newspaper published by the Church? Are its contents considered official Church doctrine?

Who qualifies for the title "Mormon scholar?"

Resumo: Critics of the Church sometimes stretch the definition of the term "Mormon scholar" in order to give their argument more weight.


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