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Críticas relacionadas com Livro de Mórmon geografia


Críticas relacionadas com Livro de Mórmon geografia

Relação de modelo Heartland a outros modelos

Resumo: Are geographical models that do not agree with the Heartland model "apostate?"

Desprezando as declarações de Joseph Smith

Resumo: Do LDS scholars "disdain" the statements of Joseph Smith related to Book of Mormon geography?

Definição de "esta terra"

Resumo: Definition of "this land" with respect to Book of Mormon geography

Localização de Zaraenla

Resumo: It is claimed that the location of the city of Zarahemla was provided to Joseph Smith through revelation and that it was located on the Mississippi River opposite where Nauvoo is located today.

Fronteiras dos lamanitas

Resumo: It is claimed that the proposal of a Mesoamerican limited geographical Book of Mormon setting contradicts D&C 54:8, which discusses the "borders of the Lamanites" being in North America.


Resumo: Statements made by Church leaders, members, and publications about Book of Mormon geography issues

Nenhuma geografia revelou

Resumo: A collection of statements indicating that there is no revealed geography for the Book of Mormon (these quotes are also in the collections below, by date).