El plan de salvación/Caída de Adán y Eva

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La Caída de Adán y Eva

Sumario: If it was God's plan for Eve to eat the fruit, then why did God forbid it? Why did God not simply create Adam and Eve as mortals?

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Question: If God intended the Fall of Adam and Eve, why did he forbid the fruit? Why did he not simply create them as mortals? Question: If "the wages of sin is death" as described in Romans 6:23, and the fall of Adam and Eve was a transgression rather than a sin, then why did it introduce death into the world? Question: How did the transgression of Adam and Eve introduce sin into the world? Question: If the transgression of Adam and Eve was actually a blessing for them, then why did they feel guilty and afraid when God approached them in the Garden of Eden after they committed their transgression? Question: If the transgression of Adam and Eve resulted in physical and spiritual death, then why are we only subject to spiritual death for eternity if we do not repent?

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