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Response to "Archaeology and the Book of Mormon"

A FAIR Analysis of: Archaeology and the Book of Mormon, a work by author: Jerald and Sandra Tanner

Response to claims made in "Archaeology and the Book of Mormon" by Jerald and Sandra Tanner

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Reviews of this work

William J. Hamblin, "Review of Jerald and Sandra Tanner, Archaeology and the Book of Mormon"

William J. Hamblin,  Review of Books on the Book of Mormon, (1993)
The first question that should be answered is why a book written over twenty years ago is being reviewed in a journal dedicated to reviewing books on the Book of Mormon published in 1992. Part of the answer is that the Tanners' booklet, despite its antiquity and obvious flaws, has either directly or indirectly been a fundamental source for many subsequent anti-Mormon attempts to discredit the Book of Mormon.2 Thus, understanding the background of current anti-Mormon "arguments" against the Book of Mormon is impossible without examining the Tanners. In contrast to the rapid, numerous, and fundamental developments in the analysis of the geography and archaeology of the Book of Mormon which have been made in the last twenty years by Latter-day Saint scholars, a review of the Tanners serves to demonstrate the remarkable stagnation of the fundamentalist anti-Mormon critique of the relationship between archaeology and the Book of Mormon during this same period.

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