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Response to Mormonism Unvailed

A FairMormon Analysis of: Mormonism Unvailed, a work by author: Eber D. Howe

Response to claims made in Mormonism Unvailed by Eber D. Howe

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Response to the Hurlbut affidavits

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About this work

Published by Eber D. Howe in 1834, Mormonism Unvailed is considered one of the first true "anti-Mormon" books. This book is notable for the introduction of the following:

  • A collection of affidavits by Doctor Philastus Hurlbut which cast Joseph Smith and his family as lazy treasure-seekers. These affidavits have provided critics of the Church with a rich source of information with which to attack the character of Joseph Smith, Jr. For a detailed response, see: The Hurlbut affidavits
  • The introduction of the Spalding theory of Book of Mormon origins. A once popular secular theory for the origin of the Book of Mormon, the Spalding theory lost credibility when it was discovered that the only extant Spalding manuscript bore little resemblance to the Book of Mormon. The theory retains a few die-hard adherents even to this day. For a detailed response, see: Book of Mormon/Authorship theories/Spalding manuscript