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Special Features: The Good Test

This portion of the video contains random interviews with numerous people asking them if they have ever lied, stolen, cheated, etc. As the interviews progress it becomes obvious that we all have committed, and continue to commit sins. We all fall short of perfection. Justly judged on our actions, we would not be allowed into heaven. As the video points out, however, Christ died for our sins so that we might be saved.

Latter-day Saints wholeheartedly agree that we all fall short of perfection, that we cannot return to God solely by our own efforts or good works, and that the grace of Christ—by way of his atoning sacrifice—is necessary in order for us to be with Heavenly Father in the hereafter. While the video admonishes believers to repent, LDS assert that it is necessary to repent of our sins in order to fully take advantage of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

It is only through repentance that we will be able to meet the obligation stated in Matthew 5:8 to "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." It is obvious that we have all sinned and need to make significant changes in our sinful lives.

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