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Accounts of Joseph Smith's First Vision

Summary: During Joseph's lifetime, he and other contemporaries published multiple accounts of his First Vision.

There were four firsthand and five secondhand accounts of Joseph's vision published in Joseph's lifetime. A description of each account is available in "Accounts of Joseph Smith’s First Vision",

A brief summary of each is included below, along with a link to the original image and a transcription published by the Joseph Smith Papers Project.

Firsthand accounts

Video published by Doctrine and Covenants Central.

Video published by the Church History Department.

Joseph Smith recorded four accounts of the First Vision (either by himself or using a scribe):

  • 1832, a journal entry recorded by Joseph Smith
  • 1835, a journal entry recorded in Joseph Smith's official journal
    • A lightly edited version of this journal entry appeared in the 1835 JS history prepared by Warren Parish
  • 1838 (commonly known as Joseph Smith–History in the Pearl of Great Price)
  • 1842 (commonly known as the Wentworth Letter)
    • A copy of this version appeared in an 1844 book published by Daniel Rupp

Secondhand accounts

Contemporaries of Joseph Smith recorded five secondhand accounts of the First Vision.

Later accounts

In 1893, Charles Walker recorded a late reminiscent account of hearing Joseph describe his vision.