Mormon Gnosticism

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Mormon Gnosticism

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Question: What is "Mormon Gnosticism?"

“Mormon gnosticism” is a belief that deep doctrine is necessary for fulfilling our spiritual potential, and that seeking for it is more spiritually advanced.

Question: Does JS-Matthew claim that the "very elect" cannot be deceived?

Question: Does D&C 42:15 negate D&C 42:11, meaning legitimate teachers and leaders can come from outside the church?

Question: Does the Book of Mormon prophesy the apostasy of the LDS church?

Question: Have LDS church leaders failed us by not teaching how to have our calling and election made sure?

Question: Is it necessary to have your calling and election made sure in this life in order to receive exaltation?

Question: Is Joseph Smith's teaching about "a key that will never rust" not to be believed?

Question: Does Amos 3:7 mean that we should all seek to be a prophet and not need to follow the current LDS church president?

Question: Doesn't Samuel the Lamanite prove we should seek for teachers and leaders outside of church organization?

Question: Has the modern LDS church apostatized because it is governed by the apostles instead of the High Council?

Question: Does a complete ordination to the priesthood require a visit from and ordination by Jesus Christ?