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Response to "Answering Mormon Scholars" (Vol. 2)

A FAIR Analysis of: Answering Mormon Scholars: A Response to Criticism Raised by Mormon Defenders [Vol. 2], a work by author: Jerald and Sandra Tanner

Response to claims made in "Answering Mormon Scholars" (Vol. 2) by Jerald and Sandra Tanner

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Matthew Roper, "Unanswered Mormon Scholars"

Matthew Roper,  FARMS Review of Books, (1997)
Answering Mormon Scholars is the sequel to an earlier volume by that name, which received detailed review in the 1994 Review of Books on the Book of Mormon.1 After some preliminary observations, I will discuss the propriety of occasional responses to critics of the church, Joseph Smith's role as a seer and translator, the issue of B. H. Roberts's faith in the Book of Mormon, nineteenth-century parallels with the Book of Mormon discussed by the Tanners, and several additional issues of geography, archaeology, and language as they may relate to the Book of Mormon.

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