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Utah crime and violence

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Did Utah foster a culture of violence in the 19th century?

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Castration as a punishment among 19th century Mormons

Summary: I have read about a group of men (LDS) that went around castrating immoral men (who were also LDS) with the express permission of local church leaders. These events supposedly happened during the Brigham Young's administration. It is claimed that Brigham was aware of and approved of this and may have given the order. What can you tell me about this? I read that missionaries who selected plural wives from female converts before allowing church leaders to select from them first were castrated.

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Crimes that some critics of the Church claim were "worthy of death" in the 1800's

Summary: Critics expand to idea of blood atonement to include a long list of crimes that were alleged to be "worthy of death."

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The Parrish-Potter murders

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