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Lucy Mack Smith (1845): "he went to bed <and was pondering in his mind which of the churches were the true one>"

Lucy Mack Smith's 1845 manuscript history appears to conflate some elements of the First Vision with the visit of Moroni:

This After we ceased conversation he went to bed <and was pondering in his mind which of the churches were the true one> and but he had not laid there long till <he saw> a bright <light> entered the room where he lay he looked up and saw an angel of the Lord stood <standing> by him. The angel spoke[:] I perceive that you are enquiring in your mind which is the true church[.] there is not a true church on Earth[,] No not one[,] Nor <and> has not been since Peter took the Keys <of the Melchesidec priesthood after the order of God> into the Kingdom of Heaven[.] The churches that are now upon the Earth are all man made churches. Joseph there is a record for you and you must get it one day get it There is a record for you and Joseph when you have learned to keep the commandments of God but you cannot get it untill [until] you learn to keep the commandments of God[.] <For it is not to get gain> But is is to bring forth that light and intelligence which has been long lost in the Earth[.] Now Joseph beware <or> when you go to get the plates your mind will be filled with darkness and all maner [manner] of evil will rush into your mind To keep <prevent> you from keeping the commandments of God <that you may not succe[e]d in doing his work> and you must tell your father of this for he will believe every word you say[.] the record is on a side hill on the Hill of cumorah 3 miles from this place...[1]


  1. "Lucy Smith History, 1845," in Early Mormon Documents (ed. Dan Vogel), 1:289-290.

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