O Livro de Mórmon/Geografia/Novo mundo


Livro de Mórmon geografia no Novo Mundo


Livro de Mórmon geografia no Novo Mundo

Resumo: New World geography - location of the majority of the Book of Mormon narrative, in the "promised land"—somewhere in the western hemisphere.

The Church's position on Book of Mormon geography

Resumo: What is the Church's position on questions related to Book of Mormon geography?

Evaluating prospective Book of Mormon geographical theories

Resumo: How can one evaluate Book of Mormon geographical theories and determine their validity?

Teoria de Geografia Hemisférica

Resumo: The Hemispheric Geography Theory (or HGT) is the traditional understanding of the Book of Mormon. It postulates that the events in the book took place over North and South America, with the Isthmus of Panama as the narrow neck of land.

Teoria de Geografia Limitada

Resumo: The Limited Geography Theory (or LGT) is a non-traditional interpretation of the text, but one that has gained wide acceptance among the Book of Mormon scholars and readers over the last 60 years. It is based on a close reading of the text, which indicates that the lands inhabited by the Lehites could be traversed on foot in only a few weeks, making the area no larger than present-day California.

Location of the Hill Cumorah

Resumo: If Mormon chapter 6 is a literal description of the destruction of the Nephites by the Lamanites — approximately 100 thousand were killed by swords and axes — why hasn't any evidence of the battle been found at the site that was traditionally identified as the hill Cumorah in western New York state?

Great Lakes geography

Resumo: I've heard some members claim that the Book of Mormon fits best in a geography located around the Great Lakes, between the United States and Canada. What can you tell me about this geographic model?

Enganos utilizados para apoiar o Livro de Mórmon

Resumo: Some fraudulent objects have been used in an attempt to support the Book of Mormon.